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All About Tinnitus

By Linda Bilodeau / August 24, 2020
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Meandering Through A Hearing World   All About Tinnitus Is a ringing, roaring, hissing, or buzzing sound in your ears driving you crazy? If so, chances are you are among the 10% of people in the United States suffering from Tinnitus, a symptom of underlying disease or hearing loss that occurs equally in men, women,…

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I Deserve The Best Mask, JUST LIKE YOU

By Hearing Loss Association of Florida / August 23, 2020
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Our best-performing design yet! Two layers and a filter pocket inside! Reach out to Lynn for more info or to order yours. $15 each or for a limited time, purchase 4 and GET ONE FREE. Lynn Rousseau Lynnrousseau50@gmail.com Gainesville Chapter Mission To provide knowledge about living with hearing loss and accessibility rights to this with…

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Why Clear Masks – With Eloise Schwarz

By Hearing Loss Association of Florida / August 18, 2020
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  Since moving to Florida, a little more than a year ago, my plan was to enjoy retirement from nursing and being away from the cold weather of Wisconsin.  Our daughter/son-in-law live here and that too was a motivator to come on down to enjoy the tropics and sunshine.  All well and good, I was…

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Should Your Pandemic Puppy Be A Hearing Dog

By Linda Bilodeau / August 18, 2020
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Meandering Through A Hearing World   Coping with the threat of coronavirus isn’t easy, and to help manage the stress of these uncertain days, many people welcomed a new dog into their lives. If you suffer from hearing loss and if you are thinking of getting a dog, you might want to consider a hearing…

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Are Hearing and Emotions Connected?

By Linda Bilodeau / July 28, 2020
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Meandering Through A Hearing World   Scientists are studying the emotional wellbeing of those with hearing loss for good reason. It is possible to lose the ability to hear the underlying emotional meaning of sounds. This may sound odd, because if you hear normally, you automatically pick up the emotional aspect of sound. Think of…

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HLAA Florida State Association Presents

By Hearing Loss Association of Florida / July 22, 2020
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On Wednesday, August 12, HLAA Florida will present one of my favorite all-time talks from the Sarasota Manatee Chapter that Dr. Lyndsey Nalu of Adept Audiology has given several times over the years on How Hearing Loss Affects Our Emotional, Physical and Social Wellbeing. This talk is always updated based on the latest & growing research on this critical…

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Your Hearing Potential

By Linda Bilodeau / July 22, 2020
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How important is it to treat a hearing problem? This question often comes up with those newly diagnosed with hearing loss, particularly if the hearing loss is mild. Some refuse a hearing aid or cochlear implant, saying they are getting by without intervention. In fact, it usually takes seven years after the initial diagnosis of…

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2020 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

By Hearing Loss Association of Florida / July 15, 2020
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  Download the Preparedness PDF Guide here. View the Powerpoint slide presentation files here.     This is a first-ever! We at ASL Services Inc., HQ Kissimmee, Florida have produced a comprehensive 2020 Hurricane Guide in English, Spanish, ASL, and DeafBlind access. All four versions are attached to this email. This is the first of…

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Face Masks and Hearing Loss: Practical Tips and Strategies

By Hearing Loss Association of Florida / July 9, 2020
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With audiologist Ellen Lafargue and Carolyn Ginsburg Stern—Mastering communication while wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing is especially difficult for people with hearing loss because of reduced visual and auditory input. This webinar shared practical tips and strategies that can make interactions easier and help you feel more in control. The webinar has…

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Hearing Sounds Once Again

By Linda Bilodeau / July 7, 2020
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In January, and at my audiologist’s suggestion, I began a thirty-day, free trial of a pair of hearing aids with artificial intelligence. By months end, I was hooked on this new technology and traded in my Oticon OPN aids for the OPN S aids. Those of us suffering from sensorineural hearing loss have difficulty hearing…

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