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The The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL) website is one of the most visited and comprehensive sites related to hearing loss throughout the State of Florida. We are under the national umbrella of The Hearing Loss Association of America headquartered in Rockville, MD.


We strive to provide our audience with the latest information on products, services, research, and technology in the hearing health care field. Our visitors and members look for practical and useful information. They also find personal stories of people with hearing loss to find encouragement and give them the feeling that they are not alone and can live successfully with a hearing loss.

Notice of Change in Leadership – June 2018

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Dear HLAA Members and Florida Chapter/Support Groups:

It is with deep regret, President, Linda Tossoonian, and Immediate Past President, Cynthia Moynihan, are turning over the reign of their respective positions. Karen Goldberg, the current Vice President, graciously agreed to serve as President effective as of July 1, 2018. Karen Goldberg is an outstanding hearing loss advocate, professional psychiatrist and recently elected FCCDHH Chairperson who comes highly qualified to lead the HLAA-FL Board throughout this transition.

President, Linda Tossoonian has been an outstanding hearing loss advocate and remained instrumental in the forward momentum of the State Board since her initial election to serve in January of 2016. She served as Secretary of the Board, where she and her entire family worked in support of the first statewide Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Extravaganza. Linda was later elected Vice President and, in October of 2017, President of the Florida State Board. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen personal family circumstances, President Tossoonian will step down as President. She extended her personal thanks to the Immediate Past President, Cynthia Moynihan, for her guidance and support throughout her reign and to the newly elected Vice President, Karen Goldberg, for her willingness to manage the State Board for the foreseeable future.

Immediate Past President, Cynthia Moynihan, remained a solid support to the Board overseeing the restructure of the State Board, Bylaws and Policy and Procedures, the Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Campaign and first ever Statewide Extravaganza, the outsource of the state website and exponential growth of the State Board Facebook page and various outreach platforms. Upon her successful three-year reign, she became Immediate Past President in October of 2017. Her resignation was effective as of June 15, 2018 with her recent move to Nashville, Tn to be closer to family. Despite her travels between Tennessee and Florida and willingness to serve, Board members were concerned of potential conflict of the State Bylaws to serve as an active Board member with out of state residency. Cynthia will continue to travel between Florida and Tennessee and remain connected to HLAA National.

Both President, Linda Tossoonian, and Immediate Past President, Cynthia Moynihan, are confident in the ability of HLAA-Fl Board members, HLAA members and Chapters and Support Group Leaders and members in the continued outreach to serve those dealing with hearing loss throughout Florida and remain grateful for the connections and special friendships from serving as a volunteer on the Florida State Board.

The HLAA-Florida State Board new foundation established over the last three and a half years remains the same: To promote the growth of HLAA National membership and Florida Chapters and Self Support Groups through education and advocacy about hearing loss and the sponsors to make the outreach possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

The HLAA-Florida Board

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The Hearing Loss Association of Florida, Inc. (HLAA-FL), a Voluntary non-profit organization, is dedicated to the well-being of the more than 3-million Floridians of all ages and communication styles with hearing loss.
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